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Huy An Phát Computer - Best Computer Repair Shop in Sai Gon near me With the prestige of our brand, we are committed to using, providing products to genuine customers from suppliers, quality is guaranteed & reasonable price , suitable in this competitive environment.

Công ty Huy An Phát

I. Field of operation

Undeniably, computers today seem to have become the "indispensable” belonging of each person, without it your job will be stagnant. Unfortunately, one day your laptops have problem, you need to find computer repair shop near me center .

Problems with laptop, Macbook, PC need to be cured immediately:

  • Laptop overheating , or hang, stuck, automatically shut down.
  • Slow disk drive.
  • Battery is broken, laptop battery is not charged to power and reported Plugged in not charging, laptop battery is out, ...
  • Laptop keyboard errors: laptop keyboard is faulty, unable to type with the keyboard
  • laptop charger broken, laptop battery not charging, ...
  • Laptop screen is horizontal stripes, blue screen, screen is dark, laptop is not turned on, ...
  • No wired network, wifi.
  • Laptop hard drive error, bad drive bad sectors.
  • Laptop failed to turn on, source problems, laptop with collapsed source, ...
  • You see: Review computer repair services website on my Blog.

Computer Repair Services near me

Fix laptop, PC at home, at company.

  • Laptop and PC cleaning services periodically.
  • Replace the monitor, laptop keyboard, and the original charger
  • Replace mainboard, upgrade RAM, Main, CPU ...
  • Especially specialized in data recovery due to the wrong format
  • Warranty of office IT system under contract.
  • Installation of CCTV system for enterprises.

Computer Repair Shop Near Me

II. Our commitment

In HCM repair market, there are countless shops and computer repairs centers, however, there are many inexpensive professional repairs, no quality guaranteed. Understanding the worries of customers,   would like to commit to: double refund if your laptops errors not fixed properly, the same errors but take you 3 times to fix here, you get 100% refund, 50% discount if holding more than 10 days.

At the same time, we strongly invest in replacement parts, the latest equipment, the most modern machinery such as automatic chipset machine, mainboard, rom,... To provide the fastest, best service for you, timely troubleshoot problems with your computer, your PC, or your computer system.

Come to us, you always receive enthusiastic advice, professional working environment, caring care when your computer, PC is "down". With the desire to bring customers absolute satisfaction, so when your computer has any problems,  Come to us you have come to the right place, here all your problems are thoroughly resolved.

Computer Repair Service at home

Contact US:

  • Headquarter: No C4 Song Da Residential Area, Ward 15, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Call center: 08.6561.6562 – 0934.053.493 – 0976.975.100 ( Zalo 24/7 )
  • Call in English: 0908.908.442 – Mr. Tân or Send a message via zalo
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